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Golf Club Rack for Honda Trail 90

Scooter-mounted Device to Carry Golf Clubs

If a surfboard can be carried on a bicycle, why can't a full bag of golf clubs be carried on a scooter?

Design Notes

- Surfboards weigh around 6 lbs.

- A full set of 14 clubs is around 30 lbs with the bag.

- I carry only 10 clubs in a lightweight bag for total weight of 20 lbs.

- A bag of clubs measures 43" x 10" x 11".

- Weight must be supported over about 36" at minimum, so make prototype 36" x 10" in 3/4" plywood.

- Flat, stiff platform that uses existing 4-bolt pattern for rack and extends straight off rear of bike.

- Stiffen platform by adding a vertical keel that tapers toward the rear. Use 2 if tail light/fender interferes.

- Taper platform at distal end and drill holes to reduce weight and improve looks.

- Strap system. Rings through-bolted to platform connect to webbing and Fastex-type buckles or bungees.

- Use the snap-on rain hood, supplied with the golf bag, to keep clubs securely in the bag.

- Must work at speeds above 30 mph.

- Padding needed?

- Is platform too springy/bouncy? How many straps needed? Does golf bag style affect design?

"Scooter Caddy" Rack for Small Motorcycle Invented

I did some looking online for carrying systems designed for bikes/scooters that accommodate large payloads. There are few. The designs that are out there look super flimsy, or are scooters that operate on smooth fairways at slow speeds (replacing golf carts), or are designed to carry the bag vertically off the back of a full sized motorcycle like a tail-hitch bike rack.

So I came up with the "Scooter Caddy". It's simple and I think it'll work great. Will build a prototype, test, and post what I've learned here.

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