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Powermatic: What's in a name?

Powermatic is best known as a manufacturer of industrial woodworking machinery. The brand has long been associated with quality; the company bills itself as "The Gold Standard". The name "Powermatic" is one of those quintessentially mid-century words that perfectly captured the vision of mid-century marketing departments. Powerful. Industrial. Confident. Its also a fairly generic term, which meant companies didn't shy away from using it. The name Powermatic is found across a surprisingly broad range of products and services. Here are some examples.

A 3hp Powermatic cabinet-style table saw was the industry standard for 50 years (now its SawStop).

Cessna made the 172D Powermatic airplane in the 1960s.

The movement in Tissot watches is called the Powermatic 80.

A truck-mounted steam cleaner bears the name Powermatic.

This telescoping camera dolly is the PROAIM Powermatic model.

Need a smart socket wall adapter? Powermatic.

Need a quality juicer? Powermatic.

Need a variable-height treatment table? Powermatic.

A generation of Chevy transmissions was sold under the Powermatic moniker.

Outboard boat motors by Wizard were called the Powermatic 12.

Powermatic is a data and analytical services provider listed on the NYSE.

A cigarette tobacco injector.

Pottinger's Jumbo 6010 Powermatic forager.

This specialty fire door self-closing hinge mechanism is a Powermatic.

PowerMatic bicycle trainer by Minoura. Extra points for creative use of the capital M.

Power interrupter/tester.

Automation service provider in CA, TX, and Singapore. No one actually knows what these guys do.

Quadraflex Powermatic by Hoover. That's 2 homerun words in one product.

Heavy equipment dealer in Spain.

Powermatic GV 200 hiking boots by Asolo.

Car wash places.

Schwinn Powermatic BMX bike with sweet mags.

But its hard to beat the original.

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