"Flood Injectites of the Columbia Basin" Book

J Harland Bretz introduced the world to the vast and deeply scoured Channeled Scabland. Baker calculated flood volumes and the velocity of the flows. Waitt deciphered flood count and timing. The sedimentary record is known by the work of numerous authors and dozens of localities.

Deformation caused by the cataclysmic Ice Age floods remains a frontier.

In my new book, Flood Injectites of the Columbia Basin, I describe a suite of flood-caused deformation features along a 500 km transect from Priest Lake, ID to the Dalles, OR. Deformation varies with changing substrate characteristics and location within the floodway. The same floods triggered the formation of clastic dikes in certain places and different features in others.

The book is due out in 2020. It is the culmination of some 20 years of field work throughout this vast inland region (>25,000 km2). Field measurements, collected on thousands of dikes (and other features) at hundreds of locations, provides a quantitative foundation for the first informed analysis of dike origin. The data are inconsistent with weaker theories (desiccation, ground ice, earthquakes) and favor one: Repeated floodwater loading and hydrofracture.

Through numerous original maps, new figures, clear photographs, and interesting charts, the book tackles intrusion direction, the expression of 3D features in 2D outcrops, dike age, how sills and dikes relate, the role earthquake-generated liquefaction played in dike formation, water holding capacity, and cementation. Reinjection and truncation of dikes - the keys to understanding how and where dikes grew - are covered in detail.

Skye Cooley

Mission Valley, MT


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