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No Chance

In November of 2015, I predicted Donald Trump would win the 2016 Presidential race based on a new ranking system that I developed, the "HairMetric". For the 2020 race, I have developed a new metric for determining Presidential fitness: the "Lang Likeability Quotient" (or LLQ).

Its a simple equation. Try it for yourself.

1.) Go to YouTube and type in a Democrat candidate's full name. Watch the first video that comes up.

2.) Are you excited by the candidate (i.e., your gut feeling)?

- If yes, record a score of 1.

- Not excited? Record a score of 0.

- This value is your NUMERATOR.

3.) Now watch this video by Erik Anders Lang, "Adventures in Golf: The Lost Course"

4.) Does Erik Anders Lang seem like a nice guy?

- If yes, record a score of 1000.

- Don't like him? Record a score of 500.

- This value is your DENOMINATOR.

5.) Divide NUMERATOR by DENOMINATOR to get an LLQ value for the candidate. Values below 1 predict the candidate will lose in 2020. Repeat the calculation for other candidates.

Why not bring this guy back? Carter still has 4 years of eligibility left. He knows how to swing a hammer and tune a smoothing plane. Practical skills.

Or Howard Schultz, the only reasonable person on the Democrat side this election that could attract suburban voters and soccer moms and college educated folks in Fly Over states. But he's not running.

Its time for Erik Anders Lang to put down the pimento cheese and get in the race.

#WatchingGrassGrow #The60sAreOver #YouAreAllGoofballs

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