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Arriving in Halibut Cove

Perched boardwalks greet you upon arrival to Halibut Cove. They accommodate 23' tides.

The entire cove is a very quiet place except for that one phone. He answers simply, "Tillion."

The Man and his trike.

The old canneries are galleries, or storage barns, or homes now.

Flowers at the Covelight Cafe.

School starts next week. This sculpin just couldn't handle it.

Breakfast is the usual fare at the Covelight. Good and cheap.

Dinner at the Saltry is above average when you include the dockside setting and the harbor view. Fish, chowder, oysters, scallops, no steak.

The cove is equal parts Wyeth watercolor, midcoast Maine, and the San Juan Islands.

The Bay Roamers water taxi returning to its dock.

Saltry dock.

Tillion's dock.

Horses rule the high ground above the West Ismailof Island Light.

Metasedimentary rocks anchor both ends of the isthmus.

Our cabin for a couple of days, the West Ismailof Island Lighthouse. There's a NOAA 6-second light (#26227, Fl W 6s 60ft Priv) in the glass above the guesthouse.

Main floor of the cabin sits about 50' above the water. You can watch otters and king salmon Sporties drift lazily back and forth across the mouth of the cove all day and half the night.

The big arch is a hundred meters off to the east. The small arch is directly beneath your feet.

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