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Neighborhood This Week

The newest Rearden and Lucy get to know each other by the latter sitting on the former.

An uneasy Lucy shares the sheet of OSB with inanimate axe parts.

If its Friday, then its Chips-and-Beer-and-Stories on the deck with neighbor Jim. His roof is done.

Five moose have been hanging around the valley over the past few weeks. This little guy prefers the grass on Heights Hill.

Screaming deal at HD on 4" x 24" Bessey Tradesman clamps - $13 a piece (50% off).

Much of our wood pile is finding a new home across the road with the Reardens.

Snow is all but gone from the valley, except for a couple of patches in the ditch over on Carl.

New 10 minute address sign.

Aaron and I finally had to remove the two little trees in back. Amazing they made it this long.

Typical view at an Alaska stoplight.

This position approximates 80% of Lucy's day.

I used up all my 4x4 scraps in the construction of this retaining wall. The thing is seriously heavy...

...but I managed to wrangle it into place...

...and build a porch for the shop door.

A few more pavers still needed.

Moose creeps cautiously up from the wood pile.

Checks out the driveway for a while.

An urgent thought enters the mind of the moose.

So its back to the wood pile for more planning.

Remind me again. Why are we leaving Bear Valley?

One of the last things on the list is bring in fill. I ordered 5 loads of pit run, some of which arrived yesterday, some today, and some is yet to come. Hey man, truckers are gonna do what truckers are gonna do. Yer not the boss.

Bill was super helpful in grading out the first few loads with his turbo Bobcat with side pipes, racing slicks, and mag wheels. Its from the '80s.

Kramer has started coming over every day to lay in the cool dirt. I think he feels more comfortable here in the rougher part of the neighborhood.

Putting the final coat of finish on the floor. Have to work across in sections to avoid the paw print monster.

New treasure chest gets hauled home.

This is what 9pm looks like in early June.

This is the selfie face that I'll send via sat phone from my 42' ketch when I have made it halfway across the Pacific. I'll still be thinking the same thing then as now, "That Robert Redford is full of shit, man."

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