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Smart Conservatives

For the life of me, I can't name two politicians that can actually articulate a Conservative message. AM talk radio has a couple who do it fairly well, but those guys can get annoying pretty quick.

Print media is lousy with Conservatives, but you really have to dig to find the good stuff. Thomas Sowell gets it right. Otherwise, few Conservative writers/thinkers/opinionmakers are succinct enough or witty enough or attractive enough or are under 65.

George Will is a dork. David Brooks is irrelevant. Malkin is too abrasive. Noonan never mattered. Limbaugh is a coelacanth. O'Reilly is gone. Ingraham and Steyn have their bright moments. Gigot is...wait, who?

TV is total wasteland, so don't even try.

Podcasts are the real gold mine for those seeking the modern Conservative voice. In fact, right across the political/comedy/commentary spectrum, you'll find some of the smartest, most articulate people doing in media today doing daily podcasts. For some of these people, podcasting is their main gig, but for most its just a side job.

Recently, two distinct voices have cut through the chatter: Andrew Klavan and Ben Shapiro.

Both run successful, upbeat, fearless podcasts. Both think independently and throw verbal haymakers at the Left with impunity. None on the left are safe - the immoral, the contradictory, the incompetent, the media (but I repeat myself). Whether you agree with them or not, its good pod - authentic, logical, and refreshing.

Klavan is witty, humorous, goofy, and cerebral. A man comfortable in his own skin. Shapiro is disciplined and on point. He excels at crafting water tight, 3-point arguments worthy of his Harvard Law degree. Neither are long winded (like Will), gun-folksy (Loesch), Company Men (Hannity), extraterrestrial (Beck, Medved), or millionaire duffers (Limbaugh). More importantly, neither are big Trump guys.

Indeed, Klavan and Shapiro are difficult to pigeonhole, but their razor sharp, authentic voices seem to settle in nicely somewhere between those of Carolla and Coulter. Check them out on iTunes.

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