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Slab, Sock & Rock Go In

Three rolls of 6 mil plastic over the 7" of D-1 base gravel.

I framed in forms for the concrete patio just in case we had extra concrete to get rid of. We didn't. The 7.5 yards I ordered was just right. We'll pour the patio and a ramp to the storage room access door when we pour the 13-inch wide insulated concrete forms (ICF) walls. We're using 8" Fox Blocks for the basement level only. The main floor will be standard 2x6 stud framing with trusses and metal shed-style roof.

Jim, Hil, and I completed the slab. Jim was a real pro and pretty much did 1/2 the work himself. We poured it even with the top of the footings to maximize headroom of basement space. 5" slump with fibermesh added made for a sticky pour near the end. We screeded, bull floated, and magnesium trowel on 2 smaller bays. Two of the bays will be living space (apartment). The farthest one will be storage.

Four inch drain sock in place around footing (100'). Drain rock arrives today (washed 3/4 minus) and will cover the sock. Over top will go filter fabric, then native fill against the poured ICF block wall (block + membrane).

I started laying out the ICF blocks while I wait for the truck to arrive with 150 more. Joist ;lumber (2x12s), j-bolts, Grace membrane, latex primer, and 2x6 pressure treated sill plates will be on that load, too.

I dug the 24" deep trench and run 4 lines (2-2-2-6) in conduit for the newsubpanel. Just roughing things in for now.

I punched the conduit through for now. A new window well will be dug and formed up with landscaping timbers. I'll bring this end of the conduit into the garage once the walls are poured.

Drain sock covered with 3/4 minus.

HV clips for Fox Blocks.

Patio slab formed up and awaiting the "concrete ferry". I keep hoping that one morning I'll come out to find this slab has been poured for me. I keep a 20" magnesium trowel under my pillow each night just in case.

A new mountain of rock appeared again today. A 10-yard mountain to be exact ($439 from AS&G).

Roughed in waste stack for future hook up to septic.

The tools await their new home, mostly of out of the rain for now.

The door and window bucks await placement.

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