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Import Clips Into GoPro Studio - Revised

I record video clips with both my DSLR as well as my GoPro. I use GoPro Studio to edit video. GoPro Studio handles clips captured with a GoPro camera just fine, but chokes on clips captured with other cameras (.mov, .mpg, .avi or whatever). The format and settings of non-GoPro clips need to match those required by the software. Here are instructions for batch-converting clips to .mp4 using Handbrake. Revised May 2016.

FIRST, download and install the freeware program called HandBrake:

"HandBrake is a tool for converting video from nearly any format to a selection of modern, widely supported codecs."

SECOND, remove the SD card from the camera. Shove it into the proper slot in your PC. Create a new folder on your PC containing the video clips you want Handbrake to batch convert. Paste all clips into this folder.

THIRD, change the Video and Audio settings as shown below:

"Video" Tab Settings Video Codec = H.264 (x264) Framerate (FPS) = Same as Source Check button for Constant Framerate H.264 Profile = High H.264 Level = 4.1

Leave the other settings at the default

"Audio" Tab Settings Codec = AAC (avcodec) Bitrate = 128 Samplerate = 48 (you may not see this option)

Leave the other settings at the default

"Tools" Menu Settings

Tools > Options > Output Files tab > Check the box for "Automatically name output files"

Tools > Options > Output Files tab > Click the option for MP4 File Extension: "Always use MP4"

Tools > Options > Output Files tab > Browse to and select the output folder (destination for converted clips)

FOURTH, Open Handbrake. Click Source > Folder > navigate to and select the folder containing your clips. A scan will begin. Wait for it to finish. It may take a few minutes.

FIFTH, When scan is complete, click Add to Queue > click the pulldown arrow > Add All. If an error pops up, click OK to close it.

SIXTH, Check that your files are queued up with the pulldown arrow next to "Title".

SEVENTH, Click the Start button (green arrow). All clips in your folder will be converted. Processing progress is shown at bottom left.

EIGHTH, open GoPro Studio (and wait).

NINTH, in "Step 1: View and Trim", import "converted_clip001.mp4" to a new movie project.

TENTH, "Add Clip to Conversion List", then "Convert All" to convert the clip and wait for a few minutes. Once converted, see if it is available in "Step 2: Edit". You'll be prompted to choose a template first (a blank one will work fine). After conversion, the new clip should appear in the left side panel. You're good to go, Pro.


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