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Swamp Legs

The serial number indicates it is from the early 1950s.

I came across this trash pile the other day while on a walk in the woods. It appears to have served as a dumping ground for some time. Industrial equipment and shop debris slowly sinking into the swamp (school district? road department?). This old radial arm saw stood out from the other junk. Its from the 1950s, a 16" DeWalt GE with a 3 hp motor. I looked up the serial number on Didn't find it, but found enough info to bracket its age - back when Pennsylvania was abbreviated Penna. These industrial saws have a classic, sleek, modern look. Lots of them have been restored, but not this one. Must have seen some good years, though.

Then I found another radial arm saw, but only the base remained. The steel saw table, above, minus the legs still weighs at least 200 lbs.

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