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Towards a Perfect Parts-Storage Bin

Does a perfectly sized parts storage bin exist? I did the math.


There are many different parts bins on the market. Some are stackable, some come in cheap plastic cabinets, others in large racks that rest on the floor. Despite their abundance, there does not seem to be a standard sizing system. Also, they seem to be way overpriced. I've decided to build my own. But what should the dimensions be?


In order to determine the optimal bin size, I collected 24 small shop items that I currently store in containers in my shop. These were small boxes of fasteners, not-often-used tools, rolls of tape, epoxy, and other miscellaneous supplies. I measured the dimensions of each item and recorded the lengths of the 3 axes (long, medium, short) in an Excel spreadsheet. I calculated the Average, Median, and Maximum dimensions for each axis and added 1/2" to the total (finger room). See a portion of my spreadsheet below.


The optimum size for parts storage bins - at least for my shop - is 8.5" x 5.0" x 4.0". These are interior dimensions. If you build bins to these specs, make sure to factor in the thickness of the material.


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