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Two Songs

Authentic songs in pairs. Energy, hooks, Southwest Desert driving music. These songs hit the bullseye of their respective musical styles. Check them out on Vimeo or YouTube.

Genre: Cowboys are Timeless Willie & Merle - Pancho and Lefty - Highwayman

Genre: Every Communist Should Drive a Big Block Dodge Steve Earle - Copperhead Road - Guitar Town

Genre: Half a Smooth Step Behind the Beat Sheryl Crow - Light in Your Eyes - Picture

Genre: The Chairman Wants Trumpets

Frank Sinatra

- New York, New York

- Fly Me to the Moon

Genre: Breezy California Cocktail Hour Rewind Jenny Lewis - She's Not Me - Silver Lining

Genre: This is Actually Country Music

Brooks & Dunn

- Neon Moon

- Red Dirt Road

Genre: Whitney, Celine, Annie Annie Lennox - Into the West

- Why

Genre: This is Enya, right?

Celine Dion

- A New Day Has Come

Genre: Half Past Ass Kickin' Time Music Creedence Clearwater Revival - I Put a Spell on You

- Travelin' Band

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