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Mendenhall Glacier & Surroundings

Seracs of Mendenhall Glacier.

Ice skaters exploring Mendenhall Glacier's proglacial lake.

Whale watching at the Shrine.

This is where the local sports teams come to get their annual picture taken. Everyone fell through the ice this time, so picture day ended early.

Two kinds of rock. One begins to melt at 1 degree Celcius, the other at 600 degrees Celcius.

Looks safe enough. Let's go!

Ice Cheetos.

View of Mendenhall Glacier from the visitors center. We walked all the way out there and did not die from calving ice.

Mendenhall Lake.

Views west from the other dead end road out of Juneau.

The Christmas Season is still going strong in Tee Harbor. As is the witness protection program.

I don't often drink coffee from EarthChoice disposable cups, but when I do I like to throw them in the ocean.

Someone had set up a time lapse camera on the glacier. Hilary turned it off.

Juneau looks best when viewed from across the bridge on Douglas Island. The Island Pub in downtown Douglas (AKA the Independent Republic of Douglas) is the place to get really good steak sandwiches. Be on the lookout for the loudmouth sailor captain guy.

Whenever you stop to take a photo in Alaska, kayakers show up to get in on the action.

Chilkat Mountains seen from one of the dead end roads that lead away from Juneau. Unlike in Maine, the phrase, "You can't get there from here," actually applies here. We encountered no less than 7 dead ends in about a half a day's driving. How do you make 7 dead ends out of 3 roads?

Juneau's new ordinance seems to be curbing the Yard Walrus population. This is the only one we saw.

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