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Stop Windows 10 Upgrade Notification

How to Turn off the Windows 10 Upgrade Reminder and Remove the Icon from the Taskbar 1.) Navigate to: C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Accessories\System Tools\Task Scheduler 2.) In the Task Scheduler: Task Scheduler Library > Microsoft > Windows > Setup > gwx folder 3.) In the gwx folder:

launchtrayprocess --> Right click > Disable refreshgwxconfig --> Right click > Disable refreshgwxconfigandcontent --> Right click > Disable refreshgwxcontent --> Right click > Disable 4.) Close the Task Scheduler and Restart your computer.

** Do not upgrade to Windows 10. If you must, wait until it is available for purchase as a full, complete piece of software. Always upgrade via a "clean install" when upgrading Windows. This means removing the old version of Windows and installing the new version, usually from a DVD that you purchased. Do not click the icon in the Taskbar (the one we are removing here).


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