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Denon Heos-5 Speaker SOLVED

I bought a Heos-5 and Heos-1 speaker system for our home sound system. We knew we wanted something simple that sounded good. We initially thought we wanted the Sonos, but the Heos sounded better and price was the same (BestBuy sale, $420). Here's the steps I took to get our Heos system to work.

Set Up of Heos-5

- You need the Heos App. You need either iOS or Android. There is no Heos App for Windows.

- Bought a Samsung Galaxy 8 (Android) to serve as the home's dedicated music controller.

- Downloaded and installed the free Heos App on the tablet using Google Play.

First Problem: Speaker Doesn't Seem to Connect Wi-Fi (SOLVED)

- I was unable to connect the Heos-5 speaker to my home wi-fi using the instruction manual. I confirmed the tablet had a working wi-fi connection. I tried connecting directly from speaker to router (nope). I tried turning off security on router (nope). A maddening situation, but the problem was easily resolved with a factory reset.

- Factory reset the speaker as per instructions online (see link at end of post).

- Connection established with wi-fi. Speaker and tablet now recognize each other.

- Heos-5 is named "Heos Player" by default in the app.

Second Problem: Update Software After Purchase (SOLVED)

- App prompted me to update the software. It attempted to update the app software, but update failed.

- Doesn't seem to matter.

Third Problem: Add Second Speaker in Another Room (Heos-1) (SOLVED)

- Heos-1 will be located in another room.

- Connected speaker to tablet via 3.5mm cord as per instructions to establish initial connection.

- On the Music tab, look at upper left for Settings buttonb (gear icon), push it > Add Device

- Run through prompts...

- Assigned Heos-1 speaker the name "Kitchen".

- Heos App > Rooms > dragged "Kitchen" (Heos-1) onto "Heos Player" (Heos-5) so that both speakers will play same music simultaneously, but...

- App prompted me to update the software, this time for the second speaker (Heos-1). Download begins. Big green check indicates successful install a minute later. Once completed...

- Both speakers are now playing same music simultaneously. Works great.

Fourth Problem (SOLVED)

- How to get Pandora to play?

- Downloaded Pandora App to tablet.

- Signed into my Pandora account.

- Heos App > Music > Pandora > my stations showed up > chose one and hit play > music started on Heos-5 speaker.


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