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Mt. Alice Hike

Beach hike from Lowell Point, visit to Exit Glacier, and hike up the shoulder of Mt. Alice. Seward AK.

Halibut territory. Caines Head and islands at the mouth of Resurrection Bay.

Spruce trees killed by saltwater intrusion following the 1964 earthquake, which dropped the land surface a few feet.

Tonsina Creek delta.

Tonsina Creek.

Res Bay.

Chum salmon (Dog salmon) at the Tonsina Creek bridge.

Still puzzled. This is the label of Midnight Sun Brewing's Pleasure Town IPA. A naked Nick Offerman riding a moose under the stars while holding up his decorated tighty whities.

Preparing for Greenland conference: "Polar bears are the white ones. Grizzly bears are the brown ones..."

Oh, you blend.

Exit Glacier overlook. No Japanese tourists were injured while taking this picture.

Seward harbor, Resurrection River delta, and peaks of Kenai Mountains from Mt. Alice trail.

A good, if steep, trail leads up the shoulder of Mt. Alice. Mt. Alice, at left, is the prominent peak you see from downtown Seward. Park at the wide paved pullout at mile 3.7 up Nash Rd just past "Rocks" sign. Unsigned trail leads uphill through deep forest, then mud and brush, then an alpine ridge and tundra, small snowfields, rock. The grade eases as you ascend. Lots of dall sheep fur around. After about 3 miles (~2 hours) the hike ends where the mountaineering route begins. Views over Res Bay, Seward, Alice Glacier, and the Harding Ice Field. Expect wind above treeline.

Mt. Alice.

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