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Do me a favor. Think back to your first boss.

Greedy guy? Fat guy? Weirdo?

Well mine was none of those. I lucked out. My first boss was Walt.

walt in republic2.jpg

A product of Marin County in the '70s, Walt chose a life of science, soils, solitude, and cycling. Oh ya, and wide open landscapes.

Walt and Sherry live in the very heart of Washington's Upper Grand Coulee, a vast beautiful region with soaring black rock walls, huge blue skies, and four seasons. He's carved out a jewel of a home in that rough country. Its Indian and Cowboy country up there, where one foot falls on granite and the other on basalt.

Walt hired me as a Soil Scientist against his better judgement. I knew nothing. I produced little. I was soft and unprepared for work on the Reservation.

Over our 5 years together, he was unfailingly patient and encouraging. Perhaps 'tolerant' is the better word. He gave me cover with management and allowed me to find my way, which I did, eventually. He paid for trainings and anything else I requested. He put just the right amount of trust in me. He was a great example: steady, calm, honest.

Walt was a great boss.

Years after I left, we still meet up when we can. The photo above was taken in the Republic Brewery. That mug is the one we co-own. Its #23 on the wall, the red one.

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